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If the SMEVEC 88T is as good as it sounds the entire racing world would be using it as part of their off season training strategy.
How many teams have actually signed on to SMEVEC to date?

So far the only team to have signed a deal with Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory is Team Vitesse. This collaboration has produced some excellent products which have pushed the envelope of racing and drawn a line in the sand to which other companies must step up to the plate.

How do you expect SMEVEC to actually affect the outcome of 2009's time trials?

Team Vitesse has spent the last month in a training camp near Smoky Lake. The performance tracking capabilities of the SMEVEC 88T indicate a steady improvement for all team members. If it rains on time trial day, the combination of Super Absorbent Rain Cape, the SMEVEC 88T and a downhill course will undoubtedly give Team Vitesse a distinct advantage. Which other team can produce calculations based on Onsager Reciprocal Relations (the 4th Law of Thermodynamics) during race conditions? The other huge advantage that Team Vitesse will have is the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking. This ferring integrates seamlessly with the Super Absorbent Rain Cape and the SMEVEC.

Once the other teams see the wisdom of riding with 25 or 30 kilos of aerodynamic plywood they will be lining up to get on the Happy Lucky 88 bandwagon.

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