Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking

Please review this wonderful time trial bike. The team feels that we can secure this constructor as a sponsor! This time trial bike a super innovation to the current carbon revolution. Originally built in 1898, the contemporary look and feel will make it a force to be reckoned with. The innovative hammock style seat will be the envy of all the teams at the vuelta. H2O
was this machine built by gustave eiffel? it has his "erector set" look...and it comes to a point... the hammock seat is a nice addition....as soft as an already broken in brooks but without the tedious rubbing of leather ointment. the design will certainly cater to long armed riders as in an aero tuck it is a long way to the drops over the centre "tower" or "mast". my favorite bit is the wire counter balance for the seat to relieve the pressure on the otherwise flimsy seat tube sign me up....does it come in red? K2nees
I regret to inform you that the time trial sled only comes in the black pictured and a “lemon” yellow. The innovative hammock seat also has the ability to swing back and forth as one pedals. Another bonus is the fact that standing up out of the seat is impossible. In order to receive the “team” discount, we need to order 12 of these bad boys. I will go ahead with the order as soon as you can confirm 5 other riders and I shall do the same. h20 Dear Dr K2nees: Ricardo Ricco has admitted to cheating and has now contacted our team headquarters. He would like to sign with us. He was very interested in the time trial bike that we have been discussing. There has been no final decision on hiring Ricco but the fact that he would like to ride the time trial machine is very promising. h20
well he should have an extensive training period (say two years) to become accustomed to the new machine before competition.....that leaves 9 new riders to sign....perhaps Pepoli would like to join us as well? K2nees
Pepoli is over the hill and you know it. We want talented riders with a future like…Jan Ulrich. Have you shown him the new time machine? That hammock seat is what Ricardo is crazy about. Perhaps Jan will feel the same way. h20
i shall pass it along to him but you realize that since he has his own bikes we will have to "re-badge" the TT rig with his stickers to avoid any sponsorship issues. Have you spoken to mr. Basso lately perhaps he is still looking for a team with a wicked ride. Additionally there is "you only think i am here" Rasmussen. Both riders would complement your strong mountain riding style and make great allies for your bid for the malliot jaune K2nees
Good point on the Basso Rasmussen signings. I want to avoid looking like ROCK racing by signing all the pariahs of the sport. Maybe we can get a few of the old guard like Zabel and Petacchi. Zabel is not known for his time trialling, but the “Erector” time trial bike has the potential to shave precious minutes off anyone’s time. I prefer not to “go” for the yellow jersey. I prefer to be off the radar until the big mountains. That is when I usually show my prowess in and out of the saddle. It is more likely that me and the rest of the team would drag you (kicking and screaming) to the base of the climbs so that you can launch one of your technically superior workshops on mountain climbing. I will go for the ciclamina jersey before the maglia rosa. h20
well it looks like we have it sorted out....you may as well put in the order for the bikes. all that leaves is a team name...... i suggest "no really they are just vitamins".....will that fit on our jerseys? K2nees
The team name has already been determined. My mother calls the team “Team Vitesse”. It has a nice European feel to it and implies organizational prowess beyond our abilities. The colour scheme is green, black and a yellow “Vitesse”. We will have the obligatory news conference stating that we are anti-doping. This of course will be lip service to that noble but completely unrealistic goal. h20
Do you think that the TT bike will come with a full faring? K2nees
one of the questions you might have pondered upon reviewing our new time trial rigs is their aerodynamic qualities. I have been assured that a ferring is available for the “ERECTOR” at selected Canadian Tire outlets. The ferring is manufactured in China by the Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory company. They use only the highest quality fiberglass, plywood and duck tape to create the best possible ferring for our purposes under the brand name, Prosperous Contented Blocking. I believe that this solution is an easy and affordable way to gain extra time on our competitors. I would like to request that we store the new Prosperous Contented Blocking ferrings in your living room until the “ERECTOR” order arrives. Yours in equipment procurement, h2o
Dear K2nees: you are showing excellent team spirit by allowing the storage of the 24 (the minimum order) Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking in your living room. I have been informed by our friends at the Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory that the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking should not be left in the sun or allowed to get wet. They were vague about the reason for this odd request but I trust these people implicitly. We are receiving such a deal that I decided not to purchase the warranty. I hope that I do not regret this decision. I have requested that one of the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking be diverted to the Black Forest so that Jan can work with the new contraption. I assume that Jan only rides on dry nights in the dark. Kindest regards, h2o
Dear Dr. K2nees: Please see attached drawing of the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking. I think something has been lost in translation but it looks pretty good all the same. The Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory promises to use ¾ inch plywood. The original idea was to use 1 ply plywood but apparently there is a scarcity of it due to the Olympic construction. Before they go ahead and produce the minimum order of 144 units, I thought we should carefully analyze the lightweight construction and its aerodynamic qualities. The Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory claims to have done extensive wind tunnel testing with very positive results. I look forward to receiving your comments concerning the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking which will be produced in China by Chinese people. Yours in procurement, h20
Dear comrade procurement officer (H2O),The PCOB looks just right for our needs, but perhaps it could be sheathed in some kind of metal cladding to up the "bling" factor...afterall we are a high budget team and we need to keep up appearances, particularly if we expect kisses from the podium girls.

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