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The industry is buzzing at EuroBike 2008 in Friedrichshafen, Germany about the recent announcement that Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory will be the title sponsor of Team Vitesse. Over at the Happy Lucky 88 plywood booth, a great deal of interest has been shown about the this year's innovative "panel of sponsor". "The sky is the limit on accessorizing this panel" said one Pro-Tour manager. "What will they think of next at Happy Lucky 88?" quipped Bjarne recently. "Happy Lucky 88 is easily one of the most cutting edge design companies in the world!" exclaimed the president of a major bicycle company who wished to remain nameless.

You can bet that the interest will only build at the Vegas INTERBIKE show when Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory unveils this revolutionary advertising initiative to the North Amercian market.
Overwhelming interest in the "panel of sponsor" has made it possible make a FANTASTIC limited time offer. A container will reach our shores soon with a volume of panels and the already proven Super Absorbent Rain Cape. The seamless integration of these products will make you the envy of the peleton.

Right now, if you order 24 panel of sponsor you will receive, for an indeterminate price reduction, 1 Super Absorbent Rain Cape. This kind of offer comes around only once in a good long while so act NOW. Due to difficulties with Customs, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory appreciates prepayment of all orders in cash. You may deliver your payments to Team Vitesse headquarters. ACT NOW to avoid disappointment.

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Anonymous said...


What a deal. But wait thats not all. In addition to the extreme functionality of the products on offer the style factor is set to "super awesome", something the respected DS's of the world often overlook. To that end please put through my order for 24 of these wonderful devices, I also look forward to my bonus super absorbent plywood rain cape. The cheque is in the mail. Just to ensure my expanding Happy Lucky 88 ensemble lives up to my highest need for style please ensure the sponsor panel is finished in the "pine particle board" finish and not the "oak oriented strand board" finish. I find the particle board finish is much more aerodynamic due to its dimpling. I also assume like other Happy Lucky 88 products i should avoid direct sunlight and moisture, is this correct? Thanks again for you procurement skill in tracking down and engineering such high quality merchandise.

Plywoodly yours