HL88wood beckons

HL88 Manufactory now offers a Direct from the Operating Room program broadcasting total knee replacement surgeries live from the HL88 Manufactory Hospital to your home. Now you and your family can observe the procedure in high definition (HD) on a 24-foot screen.

Dr. Owen A. Loan, division head of Joint Reconstruction Surgery, and clinical associate professor in the Department of Surgery, explains the procedure and answers questions as he removes damaged cartilage and bone from the consenting patient’s knee and positions an implant to restore function.

Two wall-mounted video cameras were replaced with Polycom EagleEye HD cameras. Resolution is nine times better than standard video quality. Observers feel like they are ‘really there,’ the magnified views from different angles are actually better than what they would see inside the operating room.  Straps holding the patients down are carefully hidden from view.

To achieve high-quality audio, the HL88 team considered acoustics, speakers and microphone placement. Dr. Loan's microphone is positioned to avoid interference from a fan that prevents condensation inside his surgical mask. Screams from patients are muffled with pillows and a specially designed shriek filter placed firmly over the writhing patient's head. 

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