Farewell to Fondo - Hello to Sweatpants

T minus 24 hours: jocularity reigns

Two thirds of Team Vitesse (sponsored by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory) was shepherded up the highway from Vancouver to Whistler on September 8, 2012 along with 6000 other participants.  Months of preparation, choosing the appropriate kit, purchasing carbon wheels, practicing Heavy Drop, and studying nutrition paid off with the team members finishing 2200 and 2201 in the field of 6000+.

0700: Race Faces firmly in place

Team Vitesse followed Johan's instructions to the letter and hung back from the pointy end of the peleton maintaining a mid-pack attitude. One Heavy Drop sequence netted a top speed of 79.8 kmph. h2o was unprepared for the uphill slog.

foto by Lampo Bianco. h2o was incapable of handling camera during ride.

The dynamic Vitesse duo stayed together on the 122 kms riding no hands most of the way.

h2o bonked at 75 kms having forgotten his cooked yams at the hotel.  With no HL88 support vehicle within 1000 miles of the ride, h2o was forced to eat lance approved sugar coated EPO snacks. This strategy gave him the strength he needed to cross the line together with Lampo Bianco in 5 hours.

Posing for fotos after the ride, Lampo was gracious in his contempt for Barry Hamlin's race strategy. "Staying mid-pack ensured that we would finish mid-pack. However, we managed to finish at the bottom of the top third in the field!" h2o was relieved to arrive and went immediately to the coleslaw booth for sustenance.

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