Cosmodromatic Makeover

Barry Hamlin has taken it upon himself to source some regal gangstah interior design for the 3 cosmodromes scattered across the dominion of Canada. As self appointed arbiter of good taste, Barry Hamlin has made the decision to divert some of the proceeds from Johan's admirable gambling habit to "sprucing up" the WORC or Western Oceanographic Research Cosmodrome.
This stylish table lamp actually turns on/off with the trigger of the operational handgun. Shooting out light bulbs is something that Lampo Bianco enjoyed during his productive misspent youth. Actually shooting light bulbs (as this lamp is capable of) may take some getting used to. Lampo lit up when commenting, "This is more powerful than a nerf gun!"
Meanwhile, the Eastern Cosmodrome took delivery of the AK47 model floor lamp. Dr. K2 returned his lamp, opting instead for "dicktator gold" instead of the opulent "white gold" finish. h2o became agitated when he realized that he would have to move a bicycle out of the cosmodrome to accommodate the new AK47 lamp. "Who gave Barry Hamlin the authority to decorate cosmodromes?" questioned h2o in a fit of jealous topor. No doubt Johan will have the last word on this.

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