Crisis in the Cosmodrome

A Cosmodramatic crisis has rubbed itself raw within the walls of the Other Cosmodrome. PE5GW, a.k.a Pointy Elbow 5 Grinder Wife, has lost a grinder to suspected theft AND has suffered the indignity of grinder motor burnout.
After a legal name change she is henceforth known as PE3GW until these grinders are replaced. Please change all correspondence until further notice. Cut down in their youth, the grinders will be difficult to replace.

The situation will be rectified before National Grinder Day, celebrated by welders around the world. Johan was uncharacteristically quick to react drooling "Team Vitesse has a grinder inventory? We can use them to shave off seconds the team time trials!"

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Anonymous said...

Deepest heart-felt condolences are sent your way from all the staff and tools at WORC. Tough unacquainted, we here at WORC miss the team grinders already. Don't let it grind you down.