Lampo falls off Inertia Wagon

It has come to the attention of Johan and by extension, cycling cosmonaut, that Lampo mounted a stationary bike for a few minutes yesterday. This is in contravention of the Team Vitesse rules and regulations which categorically state in Section 14, Subsection (a), Paragraph (ii) that "Whatever Johan wants, Johan gets."
Johan promised swift disciplinary action. "He must pay with more enforced inactivity. He has set his freshness quotient back 2 weeks!" blathered Johan.
Lampo's sanguine response seemed to have quelled the wrath of Johan. "I promise to hover in the lotus position 6 inches above my desk chair just by practicing my WITHIN POWER. Apologies to Johan for falling off the inertia wagon. Maybe I can fix it with a night of drinking, gambling, and sleeping in a hot tube." purred Lampo.
Let us hope that this puts Lampo back in an orbit of inertia before the Tour.

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