World Heritage Site Proposed

In an uncharacteristic show of unfettered munificence, Lampo Bianco has proposed that the infamous corner from whence h20 (Hammer of Holland) got his name be designated as a World Heritage Site. His reasons are multi fold but here are the main points:
  1. This is the corner where h20 digs deepest into his primal "Heavy Drop" region to provide the maximum pain to the denizens of the pain cave;
  2. The scenic curve can only be improved with a plywood World Heritage marker;
  3. The local tifosi will settle for nothing less; and
  4. It is a power point on the globe where one's inner inner tube can be inflated.
A drastic increase in traffic along this spectacular road is due to the fact that many new fans want to catch a glimpse of h20 flirting with cardiac arrest.

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