2010 Thoughts & Predictions

Countless readers of this blog have been whining and kvetching about the dearth of postings of late. Both these blog followers can rest assured that the cycling cosmonaut has been gathering innuendo, intell and gossip for the start of Team Vitesse's 2010 campaign.

h20 finally found the holiday season exit. Unfortunately he has found that most of his clothing has become smaller. A full investigation in consultation with Hat Model has been launched into the best supplier of elastic waste bands.
Le Triple, our continental European based team member, has created a CAFIB with a distinctly "Dutch" flavour. This version of the popular and timeless CAFIB is one whose beauty is eclipsed only by its superb utilitarian aspects. Fear not faithful readers, 2010's blog will not stray from the proven formula of ancient days. It will continue to strive for increased perfection with thought provoking and inspiring stories from Team Vitesse sponsored by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory.

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Anonymous said...

Point of order sir, did you think I would not notice, that dutch cafib is on my wrist!!! I don’t remember going to Holland and getting a Dutch Cafib!!! The credibility of the blog is being sorely tested, how can we rely on the integrity and honesty of the blog if there is such obvious photo enhancement going on. It is quite stunning though...