Introducing Happy Lucky 88's new designer

Since arriving in Florence I am greatly relieved to find that the frenetic pace of Rome does not exist here. Correspondingly, more bicycles are in use by all sorts of people. I had an opportunity to talk to Alberto, a self titled designer, who was dressed in grey wool trousers, a grey sweater draped over his shoulders complimented by a grey v-necked sweater. His rhombus shaped sunglasses hung, relaxed, at the bottom of the "v". He sat astride a Scamperelli single speed with carbon fenders in the same palette as his outfit. His finely coiffed hair appeared unaffected by the gusty winds. A cyclist looking this good, exuding the relaxed manner of a proven winner, possessing this kind of style, is exactly what the design team at Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory should employ. His design experience probably consisted of fetching coffee and croissant at Hermes in Paris. I suggest that Alberto could add a wonderful flair to the solid industrial style that is Happy Lucky 88's trademark.

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